Original date:2021-02-21 23:59:46 Edited by: GreenEuphorian Subject: [phix] Ambiguity of 'object'

This issue has been raised before on the forum. The word 'object' currently used to refer to a generic 'data container' is ambiguous, especially to those from outside our Eu/Phix community who would naturally assume 'object' to mean the same as an object in the OOP paradigm. IMHO, a better word could replace 'object', such as 'databox' (or even simply 'box'). Especially now that objects (in the proper OOP sense) have become a thing in Phix, it is all the more important to avoid the confusion from arising.

If we want to make Phix more appealing to the larger public, we really must pay special attention to all these (minor) details that could cause confusion or disapproval, and try to iron them out before the 1.0 release.

Just my two pennies worth...

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