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AlexXX said...

I tried to compile this program, it turned out ~ 1 MB, why so much?

If you run p -d test it will create a (big) list.asm showing a full assembly listing (except for anything marked "without debug").

If you modify and run either demo\pGUI\filedump.exw (change the load_file() around line 10100) or demo\arwendemo\filedumpN.exw (change the load_file() circa line 9588) and it will show every single byte in the file, and F9 will show a simple graphical memory/file layout.

The bulk of that 1MB is the runtime, error reporting, and a full symbol table to facilitate the latter.

AlexXX said...

I didn't understand c-struct, if you can show a working example, I didn't find anything in the demo

There are not very many, demo\winwire.exw probably being the most complete example.
You are obviously doing something right to get as far as you have.

AlexXX said...

I made a working layout, the icon is displayed, but when you hover the mouse disappears.

Sorry, that's all a bit beyond my ken.
This sort of shell programming, asking something else to do stuff for you (and having it fail silently when you miss one out of 83 things), is not my forte.
Is there an original source that you are translating from?

I think this may be a candidate for posting on StackOverflow:

  • we want a few questions on SO [and the like] anyway, to get Eu/Phix noticed.
  • the question should be composed here in full on this forum first.
  • can anyone else offer their time to assist here (overcome any language barriers etc)?
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