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ghaberek said...

I offered a variety of options in the other thread:

Yes, you did. I am not seeing the good in spreading OE thinly as possible across the internet. I think Pete did amazing thing to post so much Phix on the Rosetta Stone page, but it attracted no more attention than OE has by the one Wikipedia page.

ghaberek said...
katsmeow said...

Well, i guess i can delete the lil code i whipped up today to do this (console printout) ...

What you do with your code is up to you. But you won't accomplish much by waving things in front of people and then threatening to throw them away. We're not children, Kat.

No disparagement intended towards "you" or "people" or "children", it's difficult for me to use precise enough wording to narrow-cast my meaning. I was addressing the methodology and not the messenger or the author.

Adding in the emotions of disappointment, sadness, and frustration (as echoed by AlexXX, and others i have talked to who won't bother posting here), may blur my intent or my counter message, but today the effect of not publishing here is the same as not publishing anywhere.

If someone accidently runs across a specialised feature published on a lone personal webpage as they look for a scratcher for their programming itch, but there's no durable network of accessable (pronounced like "non-github") links to all the rest of the OE/Phix language, and all the rest of the specialised features spread around the internet by individual contributors, i do not believe that they, me, you, or OE/Phix is helped. It's like watching some people install linux: visiting many sites for a particular flavor, then they search the internet again for a gui, then again for a file manager, then again for a browser, and then someone recommends something different, then they search for editors, and something breaks, something must be upgraded, something is abandoned... it's chaos. It's like downloading what looks like a long sought-for wonderful Eu app that includes win32lib, with no data on the version, or where it can be downloaded now. Or anything about titlebar.e, or sorttok(), or DCuny's diff(), or the missing serial.tar.gz.

Some people have given up begging for OE to improve, to catch up to 1995. Perhaps if those asking for more could be seen as people who want to use OE even more than they can now...? And then they notice isn't facilitating the use of the language to the best of it's potential?

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