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AlexXX said...

One of the factors that attracted me to Euphoria in 2007 was the site with an Archive of programs and other Euphoria sites. Yes, I still download libraries there. Now it is quite difficult to find new programs/libraries. OE reminds me of the Linux community, A lot of programs for Euphoria/OE I just couldn't run, either demanding libraries that weren't included, or swearing at existing ones. Forgive my clumsy language, it's Google Translate's fault

katsmeow said...

I often wished i could help.

You could always help out on the archives/PCAN. There are 2000+ entries that have not been tested recently, some not for more than two decades.
Which are genuinely complete trash, which need a few minor tweaks, which run on 4.1 or Phix and with what dependencies or other setup requirements?
Some examples: - I uploaded a phix-compatible version, and marked it with [[!phix]]
You could also start adding [[!eu41]] tags (I may or may not need to do a little admin to get that all working nicely and correctly) - many of those were unfairly marked [[!rejected]] because of the DOS tag
They could all be tried/reworked with or the Eu 4.1 version of that
Like add a [[!broken]] tag if you've conceded defeat, or for that matter
sift through looking for things you can fix, or want fixing

If you or anyone else are going to work on PCAN then before you start read
PCAN is a wiki. It is meant for the likes of you (yes, you) to edit.

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