Original date:2021-02-11 06:04:14 Edited by: petelomax Subject: Re: [pete] pcan wiki

irv said...

trace() doesn't work on Linux

I'll need a moment...

The problem is that builtins/pscreen.e is completely kaput on linux, specifically
save_text_image() and display_text_image(), which trace uses for the F1/F2 flip between trace and console.
(I believe Euphoria fakes it with a dummy screen image buffer, along with some nasty ncurses handling,
all hooked up into anything and everywhere that could ever possibly update the console screen.)

The good news is that by adding (several) crash("linux!") under if platform()=WINDOWS tests in that file,
I've reproduced the problem on windows (where I'm a bit more comfortable debugging this sort of stuff).
My plan is to get builtins\VM\pTrace.e [on linux] to work without using save/display_text_image, which
with a little luck should get trace working on linux, sans F1/F2. (It has never worked at all.)
That may take a little while, and stumble headfirst into other roadblocks along the way.

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