Original date:2021-02-08 04:33:02 Edited by: petelomax Subject: Re: Phix 0.8.3 uploaded

kinz said...

Do you remember about the dangerous feature of my body ... yes, USSR NAVY devs wanted to kill me (as digital tester)...

Not today, you'll have to try harder than that. smile
Next time though, try not to hide the program that's going wrong, i.e. move the ex.err window so I can see the selected line underneath in the screenshot. smile

kinz said...

Here is the very first start of Phix on my machine:

Oops, some test code for an experiment version of IupLayoutDialog() I accidentally left in. Either change demo/pGUI/fill.exw line 39:

--Ihandle ih = IupLayoutDialog2(dialog) 
Ihandle ih = IupLayoutDialog(dialog) 

or better yet just delete that line and the followng IupShow.


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