Original date:2021-02-01 14:20:59 Edited by: irv Subject: Re: [docs and wiki] How many data-types do we emphasize?

_tom said...

Messing with names is always a problem:

Out of all this I would suggest that "value" be a synonym for "object"

  • original Euphoria docs talk about "working with values...simplification"
  • OOP people think they own the word "object" and get confused
  • easier to document and explain
  • No, "value" clearly refers to something numeric. says "worth, merit, or importance". This is a sentence. What is the worth, value, or importance of the 2nd word in that sentence? 1,2,3,4 What is the value of the third number? Bet you can answer the second question, but not the first.
  • True. OOP users have effectively captured the word "object" for their own use. However, there may not be any suitable alternative.
  • Without a more meaningful alternative, do what you can and hope that people aren't too stupid to read and understand the difference.

(Note that many colleges now offer "remedial reading" and "basic math" courses for things that people should have learned by second grade. So don't count too much on that last suggestion actually working.)

be well


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