Original date:2021-01-31 16:56:59 Edited by: _tom Subject: Re: sh: 1: /media/mycomputer/Seagate: not found

irv said...

... OK, but why or how is _tom running ./p64 ? If in fact "mv p64 phix/p" succeeded, then trying to run ./p64 would result in an error (./p64: No such file or directory). Since it does (sometimes) work for him, that indicates that the "mv p64 phix/p" failed. In that case, one might wonder what else may have also failed. ...

By ''p64'' I mean the compiled binary you get from Pete's download site. Mostly, I'm too lazy to rename it from p64 to p to get the ''expected usage''. (Since I enter p64 in Geany Set Build Commands, I rarely care to type 'p' for executing programs.)

Now, when running a Linux install disk as a ''live install'' on a USB pendrive, a quick test is to create a /home/phix directory and run tests directly from there. Hence ./p64 (too lazy to rename it p) does the job. It all goes away on shutdown.

That explains my fascination (and failure) with MX Linux. MX Linux can run in ram and lets you save modified .iso files. Only, MX XFCE doesn't work with Phix, while Ubuntu/Mint XFCE do work.

It still be nice if Pete shares the latest compiled p64 for 0.8.3 will the latest fixes ready to go.

be well

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