Original date:2021-01-31 15:11:11 Edited by: irv Subject: Re: Is Phix the new de facto standard for Eu programmers?

kinz said...
GreenEuphorian said...

This is not just an academic question, I believe, because a total newcomer would want to know which of the two languages they had better investing their learning efforts in.

I strongly recommend to download and learn RDS EU 3.1.1.
It is final version of pure classic EUPHORIA with great
history, documentation and proved golden features.



What you say is completely true. 3.1 is small, stable, versatile, and easy to learn.

That doesn't mean it can attract newcomers. The phrase: "they don't know what they don't know" - applies here. Programming is hard. They expect it to be easy.

The problem is, people are turned off by text-mode programs (that's so last-century), and when they learn the difficulties involved with creating a modern-looking program with Euphoria (or Phix), they go elsewhere.

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