Original date:2021-01-30 01:16:15 Edited by: katsmeow Subject: Re: Is Phix the new de facto standard for Eu programmers?

ghaberek said...



They were talking about the definition of Euphoria as RobC set it, clones, you said "dialects", etc etc.. But it's all about not taking big steps to improve programming with OE, it's all about NOT making more features possible?

So i made the analogy of OE being the fire, and Bach, OOEU, Phix, etc being simply white pine, or poplar, or dogwood, all being the same, on the same fire, the same place, the same language.

It's getting to be as old as neaderthals dancing around the fire, not aspiring to do more in computering.

Today, at least, fire is used to make car engines run, steam turbines make electricity. But OE cannot really do any more to munge data today than was done in a Vic20 or C64 or ZX80 or Apple 40 years ago.


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