Original date:2021-01-23 14:48:22 Edited by: GreenEuphorian Subject: Is Phix the new de facto standard for Eu programmers?

Judging by the content of the forum, it would seem that as of today Phix is much more used than OE nowadays. But is this really the case? If so, could we regard Phix as the de facto 'flagship' version/variant of Euphoria? (I know, Phix is different from Eu, but still...) This is not just an academic question, I believe, because a total newcomer would want to know which of the two languages they had better investing their learning efforts in.

I hope this is not going to hurt anyone's feelings, but the overall impression one gets is that the usage trend of OE is going downwards. I honestly would be happy if someone disproved this. Phix, of course, is on an upwards trend and its future looks brighter than OE's. It is also being much more actively developed (and more thoroughly documented too, in terms of code examples - Pete's wealth of code examples at Rosetta Code, more than 1200 tasks completed, virtually all of the required tasks, is impressive!).

Could you please share your thoughts about the points I mentioned above?

Feel free to disagree with me, but please nicely.


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