Original date:2021-01-16 14:11:36 Edited by: petelomax Subject: number vs atom

The next version of Phix will have number as an alias for atom.

Have no fear, legacy code that uses atom will continue to be supported no matter what, forever.

The Core Language page looks much better with number.

Three options:

A) As shown, add "Note that the rest of the documentation and all examples use "atom" for compatibility with Euphoria.", done.

B) Replace all use of atom in docs (1,745, plus maybe 5 "atom still fine" notes), code (22,000), and rosettacode (1,277).

C) Replace docs, but the rest ad-hoc.

Option B would of course make all Phix-sourced code incompatible with Euphoria, and C a slower more painful drawn out death.


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