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petelomax said...
katsmeow said...
petelomax said...
katsmeow said...

Can Phix have the goto as it's implemented in OE?


I am too old for this.

Sigh. Well then, grow up and re-read what I wrote.

Sorry, i wanted goto as an option for difficult flow control issues, not mind games to make coding more difficult.

The Phix help file does a great job of hiding the feature you don't want anyone to use, and it's top-level only, and cannot be used within procedures or functions, which is traditionally where the difficult code is found. If hiding the programming tools represents an improvement in computer programming, why put out a help file at all?

The statement that you are looking for the great feature that sets Phix apart and above other languages seems disengenuous when you refuse any feature not already in some other language... unless you think of it first.


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