Original date:2021-01-07 20:01:22 Edited by: petelomax Subject: Re: Nested functions - better example?

Spock said...

For Orac what I did was this:

That actually went into 0.8.2

Spock said...

But I never needed anything smarter than that. Or nested functions.

So true. As it turns out, the version of "nested function" I have ended up with is almost exactly the same as static vars, like the nested function has been quietly "hoisted" out to just before the containing function, but remains totally invisible to the rest of the world. Overall I'm quite pleased with it, instead of saving a closure as a function with some "magic hidden variables", you (will) have to explicitly save {dictionary,function} or {instance,function} - for a tiny bit more verbosity you can inspect it, debug it, dump it, and fiddle with it to your heart's content. But yeah, now I've put it in, at a grand cost of about 10 hours, not counting much needlless fretting about it without ever doing anything else between part1 and part2, what am I ever going to use it for? smile

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