Original date:2020-12-05 03:17:21 Edited by: petelomax Subject: Re: Phix 0.8.2 uploaded

_tom said...

I can't get Phix to load .so files for pGUI.

How do you install Phix on Linux? Where does /Phix directory go? How do you get Linux to read p64 from any terminal?

be well

I'll have to pass on where the Phix directory should really go, or how you set "%PATH%" on Linux, maybe irv will chip in.
There may very well already be some notes along those lines on this very forum, but I couldn't find them...
I usually just slap it in my home directory, and once it runs "./p -test" from there I deem it a good 'un.

There are some notes in Phix\demo\pGUI\lnx\installation.txt re installing IUP, slightly out of date - I'll recommend versions as follows: IUP 3.29, CD 5.13, IM 3.14

HTH, Pete

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