Original date:2020-10-19 09:47:57 Edited by: irv Subject: Override function fails

Try the code below, please.

Run it with eui, then compile and run. Both work fine for me.

Next, uncomment the first part, and try again.

With eui, it works for me, displaying TAB 9 when tab key is pressed. It also works when bound or shrouded.

It won't compile, however.

--override function get_key() 
--integer x = eu:get_key() 
--if x = 9 then puts(1,"TAB ") end if 
--return x 
--end function 
integer key = 0 
while 1 do  
    key = get_key() 
    if key = 27 then exit 
    elsif key > 0 then  
        printf(1,"%d %s\n",{key,key})  
    end if  
end while 

Segmentation fault (core dumped) 

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