Original date:2020-10-18 17:10:56 Edited by: irv Subject: Re: BROKE AGAIN euc on UBUNTU 20.04 LTS

I've read what I could find, and I haven't found a proposed solution that I understand how to implement. What does "link with -lm" mean? And how to do it?

Edit 1: also, some change I made recently in EuGTK causes it to seg-fault, so I rolled it back to Oct. 2019

I haven't compiled a program in a long time. Finding the cause of the seg-fault isn't something that interests me very much, since I discovered that binding vs. compiling shows very little difference even on a lowly Raspberry Pi 3.

Edit 2: comparing bear.ex - a rather large program that includes several libraries:

Compiled - load and display window and controls, and 2 files, ready for input - .6049 sec Interpreted - .6845 sec Bound - .6197 sec.

I don't think 8/100ths of a second is going to make a lot of difference :)

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