Original date:2020-10-17 19:24:50 Edited by: petelomax Subject: Re: Euphoria bindings for webview


1) DO NOT attempt to run on Windows without installing Microsoft Edge Insider, it totally hangs the whole system and requires a power-off reboot.

2) Oh good. Someone else has decided to have a 32-bit webview.dll and a 64-bit webview.dll, rather than (say) webview32.dll and webview64.dll. And of course the same for WebView2Loader.dll
Not only does it just crash silently with the wrong ones, but also they cannot be renamed. You can however get round it with win32/ and win64/ subdirectories I suppose, or only permit one.

3) Rather slow. Actually very slow and in fact ridiculously slow. Though it probably runs fine if you've got an SSD emulating 128GB of ram.

4) It really don't like attempts to resize it, and often hangs (thankfully, after MEI installed, not requiring a power-cycle reboot).

5) I don't really get it. Is it just a browser window?

6) This sort of thing is enough to put me right off.

Nice try, but no thanks. Pete

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