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-- register.ex  
-- part 1 
include std/eds.e 
include std/console.e 
include std/io.e 
include std/text.e 
include std/datetime.e 
include std/types.e 
include std/filesys.e 
include std/math.e 
include std/utils.e 
include std/error.e 
include get_datetime.e 
include reg_graphics.e 
include formtext.e 
include register.e 
include db_tools.e 
with type_check 
with warning 
procedure init_db() -- initialize Db  
    if db_open(DB, DB_LOCK_NO) != DB_OK then 
        if db_create(DB, DB_LOCK_NO) != DB_OK then   
            display("Couldn't create database: []",{DB}) any_key("")   
        end if  
        if db_create_table(REGISTER) != DB_OK then   
            display("Could not create table: []", {REGISTER}) any_key("")   
        end if  
        if db_create_table(CASH) != DB_OK then  
            display("Could not create table: []", {CASH}) any_key("")  
        end if  
        if db_create_table(BUDGET) != DB_OK then   
            display("Could not create table: []", {BUDGET}) any_key("")   
        end if  
        if db_create_table(RESERVE) != DB_OK then   
            display("Could not create table: []", {RESERVE}) any_key("")   
        end if 
    end if 
    if db_select_table(REGISTER) != DB_OK then   
        display("\tCould not Select table: []", {REGISTER},1)  
    end if  
end procedure  
function select_record()-- select record from current db table 
sequence prompt =  "\n\t\tEnter # of record to edit, Enter 0 to abort: " 
integer rn -- rec # 
    list()  puts(1,"\n") 
    rn=prompt_number(prompt, {0,db_table_size()}) 
    if rn then return rn 
    else return 0 -- rn = 0, abort procedure 
    end if 
end function 
function remove_word(sequence note, sequence word) 
integer start = match(word,note), stop = start+length(word) 
return remove(note,start,stop) 
end function 
function replace_word(sequence note, sequence word, sequence new_word) 
integer start = match(word,note), stop = start+length(word) 
if stop != length(note) then new_word&=" " end if 
return replace(note,new_word,start,stop) 
end function 
function edit_note(object note)-- edit transaction note 
sequence word="", new_word="" 
integer x 
    x=prompt_number("\n\t1. Append  Keyword to transaction note"& 
                    "\n\t2. Replace Keyword in transaction note"& 
                    "\n\t3. Remove  Keyword in transaction note"& 
                    "\n\t4. Replace entire transaction note\n\t: ",{0,4}) 
    if x = 1 then  
          new_word =    prompt_string("\n\n\tAppend this Keyword to transaction note: ") 
          new_word =    " "&new_word 
          note     =    splice(note,new_word,length(note)+1) 
    elsif x = 2 then 
          word     =    prompt_string("\n\tReplace this Keyword: ") 
          new_word =    prompt_string("\n\tWith this Keyword: ") 
          note     =    replace_word(note,word,new_word) 
    elsif x = 3 then 
          word     =    prompt_string("\n\tRemove this word: ")  
          note     =    remove_word(note, word) 
    else  note     =    prompt_string("\n\t\tEnter new transaction note\n\t: ") 
    end if 
return note 
end function 
constant DEBIT=2, TA = {"Deposit", "Debit"},  -- transaction type 
   FIELDS = {"DATE: ",  "Transaction Note: ", " $"} -- amount -- always enter without +- sign 
public function debit_or_deposit() -- select transaction type:  
integer t 
    set_foreground_color(FGC) puts(1, "\n\n\t\tTransaction Type\n\n") 
    for i = 1 to 2 do display("\t#[]. [] -- enter positive amount without sign",{i, TA[i]})   end for 
    t = prompt_number("\t#: ", {1,2}) 
    if t = DEBIT then t = -1  end if 
return t 
end function 
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