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Source Check

This program verifies that everything you have define_c_func and define_c_proc for are infact available in a supplied DLL.

Usage is:

eui source_check.ex [--dll dll_file] e_file 

  • dll_file is a DLL
  • e_file is a dot-e file.

The dll_file is optional. The dll filename will be collected from e_file itself.

Nota Bene: This is not a complete parser/interpreter. So, it is easy for this program to get things totally wrong but if other routines are getting loaded from the same DLL through this program and the routines are all of the form `id = open_dll(dll_num, string literal)`, then I wouldn't expect false failures.

CURL Import

This tool creates a dot-e file with the Header. It is recommended that you create a wrapper using the generated dot-e file.

update the CURL constants with:

On Windows:

eui curlimport.ex libcurl.dll d:\minGW\include\curl\curl.h _curl.e 

If you are looking for where you can find libcurl.dll. I found mine in OpenShot. Install OpenShot for Windows and copy all the DLLs from the dll directory of OpenShot. You might already have it somewhere on your hard drive.

Some Dll's when loaded prompt loading of other DLLs on the system. open_dll will return 0, but give you no other information. Save yourself a headache and copy all of the DLLS from OpenShot or some other package that has libcurl.dll in its directory

On Linux:

eui curlimport.ex libcurl.dll /usr/include/curl/curl.h _curl.e 

Improted Symbols

Once you have generated a file called _curl.e, you can create a manual file called curl.e.

public include _curl.e 
-- generator worked fine, now override with something that 
-- takes sequences rather than pointers. 
public function curl_strequal(cstring s1, cstring s2) 
	atom p1 = allocate_string(s1, 1) 
	atom p2 = allocate_string(s2, 1) 
	return p:curl_strequal(p1, p2) 
end function 
include std/dll.e 
include std/machine.e 
constant dll = open_dll({ 
-- The generator imports this one wrong.  So this one gets implemented completely here. 
export constant curl_easy_setoptx = define_c_func(dll, "+curl_easy_setopt",{C_POINTER, C_INT, C_POINTER}, C_CURLCODE) 
public function curl_easy_setopt(atom curl, atom option, object data) 
        atom string_pointer = 0 
        atom curl_code 
	if sequence(data) then 
	     string_pointer = allocate_string(data) 
	     data = string_pointer 
	end if 
	curl_code =  c_func(curl_easy_setoptx, {curl, option, data}) 
	if string_pointer then 
	end if 
	return curl_code 
end function 


This program will make sure that each line of source is correctly indented. Correctly means, that inside a type,function,procedure,for,loop,while,if,else,elsif,case,or switch statement, other statements are four spaces more to the right.

Nota Bena: This modifies source code. It's pretty safe.

Usage is:

eui formateum.ex [--follow|-f] source_file1 source_file2 .... 

  • -f or --follow is optional.
  • source_file1 source_file2 ... should be at least one source file.

If you use the follow option, the program will wait for changes and reproess the file after each change to the file's timestamp.


This software is provided as-is. There is no warranty for this software. You may not blame the author or the Euphoria community for any wrong-doing using this software. You use this software at your own risk. You may use this software to write Euphoria programs using the Euraylib wrapper. You may dis- tribute software you make using this software as you please, whether gratis or for a fee. You may not claim you wrote the original Euraylib wrapper. While not required an aknowledgement of the original author would be nice.

Thanks for using Euphoria Tools!

Special thanks to the Euphoria community!


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