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Original date:2020-06-26 10:36:04 Edited by: petelomax Subject: Re: Phix:Sort Columns Not Working Like Expected

Spock said...

I downloaded the latest version of Phix to examine the sort routines. It appears that sort_columns() is a wrapper for custom_sort() which uses Shellsort which is acknowledged in the source as being unstable.

For Orac I dumped RDS' Shellsort in favor of a Merge/Insertion sort hybrid (See Timsort) to guarantee stability. Without stability it is risky to do multi-column sorting as the result might not always be 100% correct. For the business programs used in our office correctness is absolutely essential.

Given the popularity of Phix I recommend the same or equivalent be done to it. The above hybrid is reasonably performant.


I think the best thing we've got so far in terms of stable sorts is pihism_sort(): https://openeuphoria.org/forum/131271.wc#131305 (also part of demo/rosetta/CompareSortingAlgorithms.exw)

I'm open to offers, but not about to embark on anything regarding stable sorting on me lonesome.


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