Original date:2020-05-31 21:52:59 Edited by: petelomax Subject: Re: Phix: How to Globalize(?) a Namespace Identifier

ghaberek said...

Here are the discussions on the rapdieuphoria-develop mailing list from 2008 regarding how they arrived at the current functionality in Euphoria.

(I find it amusing that this topic is being discussed on the same days of the year as it was back then.)


Hah! I particularly enjoyed my own conspicuous absence from all that particularly vacuous nonsense! smile

I have always been in the tfp_open() is better than ftp:open() camp, and recall 3 or 4 years ago being slightly apprehensive over banning builtin overrides in Phix, but in all the time since, doing so has not bitten me back even once.

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