Original date:2020-05-21 17:26:38 Edited by: ghaberek Subject: Re: Basic Statistics with OpenEuphoria

rneu said...

Can I use C libraries here?

Yes! You'll want to see Dynamic Linking to external code in the docs.

Here are several projects that demonstrate how to wrap C libraries in Euphoria:

rneu said...

Personally, I would go with Apophenia since it seems simpler and it's open source.

rneu said...

Also, is this more easily possible with Phix?

It's more or less the same, but Pete has added some easier support for structures into Phix.

rneu said...

(I would have asked on Phix forum but I just can't find it now)

I think this is effectively the Phix forum.

rneu said...

Just out of curosity, can SWIG ( ) be used here?

You're welcome to try that, although in my experience the work required to get SWIG working is more involved than just wrapping a library by hand.

You'll find some old SWIG related code on The Archive:


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