Original date:2020-05-15 10:42:58 Edited by: irv Subject: Re: Off Topic: Some random thoughts...

AOC has already achieved most of her Green New Deal:

1. Eliminate fossil fuel production (check, nobody is driving, so we don't need gas)
2. Eliminate 99% of gasoline vehicles (parking them achieves the same purpose. check)
3. Eliminate air travel (check)
4. Free education (so far, only postponing the payments, half a check)
5. Free money for those unable or unwilling to work (check)
6. Ban meat (the virus shutting down packing plants will take care of that)

Two failures:

7. High-speed rail to replace air travel
8. Eliminate nuclear energy (no, because what's going to run the high-speed rail if they do this? Unicorns?)
So far, the only other things missing are a free, energy-efficient house, and free, healthy grain bowls for all.
I'm staying in my energy-efficient home (paid for by me), eating grain bowls (paid for by me), and still have almost a full tank of gasoline since my last fill up in March.

And I'm beginning to detest grain bowls.

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