Original date:2020-03-23 18:00:45 Edited by: petelomax Subject: Phix 0.8.1 uploaded

Usual place,

struct/class, obviously, see
C_LONG/C_PTR and (new)aliases should now be better, in several/all 32|64 bit, and cross-compilation ways.
days_in_month/include_file[s]/is_prime/size_of/square_free/allocate_word/get_prime[s]/product/file_size_k/ include_path/proper/shorten/thread_safe_string/peekns/peeknu/temp_file
builtins/librsvg.e (see )
builtins/ordinal.e (see )
builtins/pqueue.e now documented (see )
builtins/ptypes.e (see and )
builtins/punique.e (see )
builtins/sockets.e (not yet documented)
builtins/ubits.e (unsigned and_bits() etc, see )
added pipes to system_exec()
allocatew() renamed to allocate_word()
free(NULL) is now quietly ignored
Instead of IupImageA() you should now use IupImage() with an atom third parameter
sqlite3_bind_xxx() can now be passed a string name as well as/instead of an integer from sqlite3_bind_parameter_index().

Unfortunately no real progress on linux (nothing knowingly fixed or broken this release). I have however installed WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux) and on that at least I get the same segfaults others reported.
My main suspicion is that relocation in non-writable ELF segments is now more strongly policed, but with a completely unfathomable segfault deep within the bowels of the loader. (Nice improvement guys, NOT!)
[I shall also quote this find: note that linux from kernel 2.6.??? needs last segment to be writeable]
I am also considering a KolibriOS port, which may uncover a few things, in a rather more round-about way.

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