Original date:2019-09-07 07:19:35 Edited by: irv Subject: Re: Fatal error when attempting to execute bear.ex from the EuGtk package

Well it seems that create(GtkSourceStyleSchemeManager is returning something other than a pointer to a style_scheme_mgr or a null. Take a look at it with ? style_scheme_mgr and see what it is returning.

? style_scheme_mgr 
style_scheme_ids = get(style_scheme_mgr,"scheme ids")  

I appreciate the advice on setting up the xml files, and anything else you can suggest.

One thing, the documentation probably won't work, since this seems to have been installed in a directory other than your home directory per instructions. If you can suggest an improvement there, so it can work from wherever it is installed, I would be happy to implement it.

Now, I will go download and install a copy of Debian testing to see what results I get.

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