Original date:2019-08-30 13:42:41 Edited by: irv Subject: Re: Roadmap to Euphoria 4.2

I'm wondering about the "include complete binaries" along with the wrappers for various things. Could there be problems with this? One I can foresee is - considering the slowness of Euphoria updates, a download of Eu is likely to contain an older version of lib n than is on the user's computer (if they do regular updates).

That means there'll need to be a "smart" installer for each platform to prevent overwriting the new with the old.

Or am I wrong about this and missing something?

Secondly, what about libraries which are still "works in progress", according to their developers?

"libui is currently mid-alpha software. Much of what is currently present runs stabily enough for the examples and perhaps some small programs to work, but the stability is still a work-in-progress, much of what is already there is not feature-complete, some of it will be buggy on certain platforms, and there's a lot of stuff missing."

That's fine, and it will hopefully be updated "real soon". But will whoever maintains the Eu packages keep up as well? Will there need to be a new Eu version every six months, or what? Need some clarification, please.

I'm not saying these are bad ideas, just wondering if I have missed something here.

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