Original date:2019-08-27 18:44:33 Edited by: irv Subject: Re: Compile broken after upgrading to Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

ghaberek said...

While I can see needing this for documents and other data, I don't really see the appeal for program files. Wouldn't adding a shebang and exec rights be a better approach?


Well, no. If I do that, then when I click on the program icon, I get a pop-up dialog that says:

"browser.ex" is an executable program, do you want to: Run in Terminal, Display, Cancel, Run?

Run In Terminal and Run buttons do run the program as expected, but Display loads the default text editor, which is not WEE on Ubuntu.

So, just running the program takes an extra, useless step, and if I decide to edit, I have to cancel, select and use a right-click to choose WEE.

If I can set "Open With" as desired i.e. Open With eui, then clicking runs the program without the extra dialog. Regardless of whether there's a shebang or executable permission.

And my choice of editor is right there with a right mouse click. Ubuntu disallows this option.

Often I will swap the defaults, so that clicking .ex files always opens them in WEE, if I'm doing a lot of editing. For testing, swap it back to eui.

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