Original date:2019-07-15 20:00:03 Edited by: _tom Subject: Re:, early preliminary redesign

Simplify and add Lightness is the way to create a programming language. A unique design using atom (any single value) and sequence (any list of values) data-types was how it was done. A fellowship of languages was the result: oE and Phix, along with legacy Eu.

Simple... flawless syntax

  • one-based-indexing
  • freeform
  • easy to learn and use

Sharp... complete development

  • interpret
  • compile
  • debug and profile
  • safe and garbage collected
  • multi-platform; multi-architecture

Speedy... enviable performance

  • interpret faster than any common interpreter
  • compile for even more speed

If you want all three--simple|sharp|speedy--then there is only oE and Phix.


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