Original date:2019-05-12 21:33:07 Edited by: clkeriolet Subject: About parallelism

Hello everybody, As many of you can see, AI subjects needs parallel processing. So the question is : how can we deal with that using Euphoria ? I saw on previous posts a wierd discussion about OpenMP. From what I have understood, OpenMP only says "process your loops on more avalaible hardware to improve execution speed". We all have multi core processors, without speaking about the graphic cards. I have been trough the multitasking section of the Eu manual, but it does'nt seems to use other threads&cores. Phix seems to have a set of intructions to use threads. I works since years on a nice AI software written in Eu, and I meet this problem. It is a sequential software, and only use 1 thread on 10 or more. This is a poor use of the computer for my app ! May be, some of you have opinion on this subject. Have a good time !

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