Original date:2019-05-06 07:55:33 Edited by: petelomax Subject: Status of Edix

(Written in response to a private email)

Work has largely stalled.

I am now thinking of abandoning it and taking what I have learnt to Edita 2.0, sharing as much code and infrastructure with the original (Edita) as possible.

Making copies of those files, so there are two things to maintain, no longer sounds like my best idea, and I have run out of steam given that file printing/ report painter(/publisher)/bookmarks/several case and clipboard functions/ code folding/(un)comment/compare/directory compare/common code analysis/ database viewer(/verify)/macro management/lots of options/some help features/ project(/directory/recovery) tree handling/word wrap/message area, and probably quite a few other features are all outstanding. Obviously not all source files can be shared but one thing I will not miss is keeping Edita/syn/Euphoria.syn and Edita/syn/Phix.syn in step, and /help/Phix.txt in both Edita and Edix.

Right now I want enhance the File/Tabs List (Ctrl T) option to make it the best way to switch files. The existing listview would probably still be available, but disappear when another tab/radio option is selected, to be replaced by a tree/filter/whatever. As you say, multiple open tabs lose their charm once you go above a dozen or so. Ideas welcome.

Personally I use Edix for all my documentation work, mainly because it is slightly better at opening files, but still rely on Edita for coding work, mainly because that (still) has far better error handling than Edix. The other big problem with Edix at the moment is that closing a file does not clean up the innards properly, and it crashes if you close a file and then try to re-open that same file. Another problem is that IUP will not let me trap alt-keys correctly, sounding the bell if there is no menu entry for that alt-key - I may have left some dummy-menu-entry-type-stuff in there that needs removing.

Of course there is also wee, but that has other problems (for me). I have demo\wee here which is a hacked copy of 0.38 that runs on phix. (I was under the impression that phix ships with that, but I just checked and obviously I never added it.) Firstly it would need a re-porting of the latest version, but then I would be in much the same boat as with Edix, namely porting 15-years-worth of Edita features into it, plus afaict it does not handle unicode.

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