Original date:2019-04-07 13:40:48 Edited by: ghaberek Subject: Re: Edita:Make search loop around

petelomax said...

Sadly not. I have recently noticed that adobe acrobat handles this well, eg if "wordx" occurs on lines 100,200,300 and I'm on line 150, it'll show me 200, 300, 100, then "no more", which is what I want and just needs a start line to be saved whenever the search term != previous. I'll give that a go, sometime.

Most editors handle this like that now, including Notepad and MS VS Code. I use those other two a lot for work and other projects, and I'd like to have something similar for when I edit Eu/Phix.

So, does anybody have a set of config files for Eu/Phix on MS VS Code?

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