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irv said...

You can probably use save_map() and load_map():

I had considered the save/load method before deciding to not go that way, but only because there are file reads and writes that can otherwise be eliminated.

  1. load saved map file as a raw file
  2. send it to the client
  3. client saves it as a file
  4. client uses load_map()

or I guess you could

  1. send url of saved map file to client
  2. client retrieves it (e.g., HttpGet(url_of_map_file)) and saves it as a file
  3. client uses load_map()

What I'm doing for now is:

  1. load_map()
  2. var = pairs( my_map )
  3. send it to client
  4. client uses map_from_kv_pairs()

That seems to be the quickest and easiest so far.

Best case scenario might be:

  1. var = save_map(my_map) -- just like sprint() but for maps
  2. send it to client
  3. var = load_map(data) -- just like value() but for maps
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