Original date:2019-03-04 07:31:42 Edited by: petelomax Subject: Re: read_lines bug

irv said...
petelomax said...

I'm wondering if they improve manual console input. If you take that line out and then enter one, two, three, does the screen end up looking like "onetwothree"?
It could of course behave quite differently on linux and windows. (I've messed up my install a bit so I can't test this particular one on eui.)

Taking them out seems to cause no problem on Linux.

I got it to run by copying the routine in locally rather than using include std/io.e

It was a problem on windows in eui 4.0.0, but seems fine on 4.1.0 - which explains why that code was there.

EDIT: note that as phix slavishly copied the earlier rds eu behaviour, it remains a potential issue.
(Specifically gets0 in pfileioN.e tests for \r (and Ctrl Z) after each kernel32/ReadFile|syscall sys_read before echoing it with kernel32/WriteConsoleA|syscall sys_write)

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