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Bhupen1277 said...

I run ascii.ex and see the chars. I wanna change font to see other fonts. How I do that? Thanx.

The font displayed on the console is a function of the application itself. I cannot be change programmatically.

  • On Windows, you can right-click the title bar of the window and click Properties, then select the Font tab. (This works for Command Prompt and PowerShell.)

  • On Linux, it's going to vary wildly, but generally it's under Edit > Preferences or Profiles. (There are at least a dozen terminal emulators for Linux.)

  • You can even change the font of the terminal, at least on Ubuntu:

To answer your question in a round-about way, if you want to compare the table of characters in different fonts, perhaps what you need is a Character Map application.

  • On Windows, this is under Start > Windows Accessories > Character Map.

  • On Linux, there's gucharmap for GNOME (or Cinnamon, MATE, etc.) or kcharselect for KDE.

Hope this helps.


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