Original date:2019-02-03 20:27:37 Edited by: Bhupen1277 Subject: Re: Version and GUI for 2 byte characters

irv said...

Well, obviously EuGTK for the GUI, since GTK is native for Linux (and I wrote it:)

It's also cross-platform, usually you can run EuGTK programs on either without any changes except for file paths, if you're reading/writing files.

I prefer Mint Linux, it resembles older versions of Windows (up to Win 7) in look and feel. Some other distros - such as Ubuntu - have added too much "bling", just like Windows 10. They're trying to look like android apps on tablets/phones, and that makes them awkward to use on real computers.

If you use Mint, you'll find a Euphoria .deb file on the EuGTK page, which makes loading Eu 4.1 very simple and quick. Installing EuGTK is just a matter of opening the downloaded file and dragging the demo folder into your home folder.

Thanx agian. I am getting close. Can I run the whole thing from a 32 GB USB? - Mint and EuGTK and some simple programs with GUI?

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