Original date:2019-01-21 19:00:08 Edited by: irv Subject: Re: What is the status of Euphoria V4.10?

lgregg said...

Did I read that there is a bug in the switch statement which prevents V4.10 from being rolled out as the current version?

That is correct. The bug consists of a failure when a function (builtin functions only, AFAIK) is used in the switch statement, for example:

switch sin(x) do 

In my opinion, that is unlikely to be used much, but it is a bug, and may be difficult to exterminate. As for other uses of the switch statement, all I can say is EuGTK has hundreds, and I've not had a problem.


Since it appears that we have a lack of developers: 1) is the development language C or C+ + or what? 2) is it possible to develop Euphoria in Euphoria? This would be, as the Tiki Wiki people like to say, "... eating our own dog food!"

C, and yes, Euphoria-in-Euphoria has been done. I can't remember exactly where that can be found, someone else will know. For speed, however, some of the language just needs to be written in hand-optimized C.

If you'd like to read the whole thread about this:

If you are familiar with C, then perhaps you could help here.

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