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lib9 said...

I want to implement algorithms for clustering and genetic algorithms.

As it happens, I added quite recently, not that you can run that...

lib9 said...

Is it possible to do this in oE with equivalent speed? I don't mind 30 or 50% more execution time, but can not tolerate ten times more.

Probably. There are going to be some cases where C-based languages are up to 8x faster, but on the whole actually reaching that is fairly unlikely (and OE's translate to C may help), conversely there may be cases where reference counting/copy-on-write means OE/phix does not always have to make copies "just in case", and that way end up being significantly faster.

lib9 said...

3. Have no experience in parallelism and in C++ looked hard for me that have no formal education in programming. I know the subject is not easy for many kinds of work. In oE, is it simpler than in C/C++?

OE does not do parallelism. I have done multi-threading in both C++ and phix, and found the latter significantly easier, but then again I am slightly biased.

lib9 said...

3. Is it possible to create graphics like these:

Yes. One example I would have pointed to is boids, but while I can run that on linux, you cannot. There's probably something similar in EuGTK.

lib9 said...

4. Is there support to load and save text files of CSV, XML and other formats?

Sure, in fact I've also just written a new builtin for xml handling on phix, not yet uploaded or properly documented though.
For csv, see and also for both, have a look in The Archive or PCAN.

lib9 said...

is iup easy? Really didn't want to learn GTK as it seems a mammoth to me.

I think it is. Right now, at least until I get a handle on that pesky segfault, your best bet is OE + EuGTK though.

lib9 said...

8. Is Phix able to execute faster and have less memory requirements than oE for the subject of my work?

Unanswerable. Probably not much margin either way.

lib9 said...

9. Followed the download instruction for Phix x86_64, but got a segmentation error. Raised an issue at

Looking at it, struggling a bit.

lib9 said...

Is Linux a second quality supported OS for either oE and Phix?

Re Phix: Sadly, although I try my best, it is not entirely unfair to suggest that. I am a one-man band and spend more time on Windows than Linux.
Conversely OE might actually be better supported on Linux than Windows(?)

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