Original date:2019-01-13 12:15:56 Edited by: irv Subject: Re: Some initial clarifications

I can only answer some of these:

5: IUP would work for the graphic intensive work you indicate, but the IUP wrapper is a "work in progress", I don't know if the graphics are complete.

EuGTK could do this using Cairo graphics, which might be fast enough for your use. GTK also supports OpenGL, which would be faster, but I haven't spent much time with that, so can't comment on the difficulty.

Have you looked at the EuGTK documentation and demos? I think you'll find GTK very easy to use. The documentation itself is not a good place to start - they make things harder than necessary. EuGTK "wraps" many of the more tedious gtk operations to that they are easier to use.

6: While 4.1 beta 2 is still "testing", it is the one most people use. So far, I've only found one obscure bug, which involves using a built-in function (such as sin()) as a case variable. This is easily avoided.

Linux 64-bit is on the downloads page, but if you prefer an easier install, I've put a .deb package here:

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