Original date:2019-01-06 09:34:56 Edited by: irv Subject: Re: Procedure, function and return

I usually think of it this way:

A procedure is handy when I find myself needing to do something more than once, and would rather not write out the same code multiple times (with the possibility for making multiple errors). A return is never required, and there are only a few instances where a return makes code simpler.

A function always requires a return (but you aren't obligated to use it). Is that "bad programming" ? Well, the alternative, if your program sometimes needs to use the return value, and sometimes doesn't need to use it, is to clutter your code with dummy assignments:

object junk = myfunc(x) 

While that construct makes it plain to the reader that you are discarding the return value, it also looks like you didn't plan things out as thoroughly as a "good programmer" would have done.

Modifying global variables inside functions or procedures is great - by that, I mean a great way to introduce hard-to-find "bugs" that can occur randomly and unpredictably. It's also a great way to obfuscate your code, so that no one (including yourself) can easily figure out what is going on.

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