Original date:2018-12-31 09:56:17 Edited by: irv Subject: Re: Installing Linux Euphoria 4.1b2 62bit

Good advice, but some of it is not really necessary for some distros. For Mint, here's my $PATH (untouched since the original install)


Notice it has /usr/local/bin in that path.

If you use my .deb package to install, then that is where the Eu "exec" files will be put (eui, euc, etc). The euphoria and std libraries will be installed in /usr/local/include, and the Eu source in, of course, /usr/local/source.

I've not found it necessary to set EUINC, but for EuGTK, I added /demos to the [ALL] section of

-d E64 
-eudir /usr/local/include 
-i /usr/local/include 
-i ~/demos 

There's nothing wrong with your suggestion, and it should be followed if you want to install Eu anywhere other than /usr/local.

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