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alrobnett said...

Thank you again, Irv.! I asked too many questions, and I would like to focus on one; Is there any trick to ensuring that the system can find all of the files necessary for a given job?

One of the problems is we're using different operating systems. I wouldn't object to installing Ubuntu so that we can compare things step-by-step. Which version of Ubuntu are you using? 18.04 LTS? 18.10?

Without knowing what the job is, the only way I know of is to run it!

That's why I stick to Euphoria. Once it's installed, it either works or gives you clear enough error messages to figure out what's wrong.

I'd start with some simple test programs to get familiar with using the editor and running Eu.

To test if eui is installed, type: which eui <enter>
it should reply with something like /usr/local/bin/eui
then write a small program that needs a Euphoria include file:

include std/console.e 
display("Hello World!\n") 

Save it as hello.ex and type: eui hello <enter> on the terminal. This will prove whether the eu std libraries are installed.

If these prove successful, then you're ready to go - but - if you were to begin by trying to run your old (longish) program, you'd never get anywhere, because there are a number of things in that program (no doubt) that must be changed or updated before you can expect success. You'll have to break it down into sections and decide which to keep and which must be replaced.

Changing from DOS to Windows or Linux is itself going to require some learning, as is upgrading from Eu 3 to 4. Have patience, and experiment.

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