Original date:2018-10-05 09:00:21 Edited by: SDPringle Subject: Euphoria Translate to C, and run anywhere changes

I invite you all to checkout my fork and check to see if it compiles and tests on Windows or 64-bit platforms.

I would like to see people try it out and report to me any problems. I will be sending it to the main-trunk unless there are issues like if I accidentally threw away changes.

Theoretically, you should be able to create software in Euphoria, and then translate it to C, and then take this C file and compile it anywhere you can compile Euphoria and it will simply work as long as you don't use the standard library!

You see, the standard library relies on ifdef statements for platform discrimination, and ideally this branch should convert these ifdef statements to #ifdef C statements but it's not there yet.

Dependencies should be working properly now. So you only need to do:

sh configure && make test 

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