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ghaberek said...

I think one area where Euphoria could really shine is in the web space. This is an area that is more popular now than ever. Euphoria could compete with the likes of Ruby, Node.js, and .NET Core for the web application space.

I'm about 60% complete on an MVC framework for Euphoria, which I plan to use it to rewrite this website.

This includes:

  • template parser
  • JSON library
  • database connectors (MySQL/Postgres/SQLite)
  • data abstraction models
  • dynamic application routing
  • easy request/reply CGI handlers

Possible uses for this:

  • websites, small-to-large
  • a RESTful API service
  • web front-end to a back-end service

Currently it just runs in "CGI mode" where each web request fires off the interpreter in the web server, but I'm also working on a "service mode" where requests are routed from the web server to a live backend that is always on.

I can post post the mostly-working-but-incomplete code soon if others would be interested in contributing*, otherwise it will go live once I have a "minimum viable product" running.

*The biggest problem we have right now is a lot of end-user programmers as opposed to contributors to Euphoria itself. I really could use some help with this to see it thrive.


this sounds really exciting.

where does the language fit? i keep phix on my HD and i use it for my programming. in the last 3 month i could get 2 other programmers to use it regularly. One dumped d-language for it and the other pascal. its quick, its easy and proggies are really build fast with a nice gui.

when is the next version of phix released? richard

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