Original date:2018-08-03 20:45:06 Edited by: irv Subject: Re: EuGTK Convert Units

Good catch, I was accidentally cutting and pasting from two versions of the program from different windows, so some things got mixed up.

To widen the results, just add "width chars=40" (or some number) to the V2 create line.

I've edited the code in the post above so as not to confuse anyone reading this later.

Without formatting, I get: 1 m = 39.3700787401575 in

With the format "[4] [1] = [3:,,.4] [2]", I get: 1 m = 39.3700 in which seems to be reasonable precision.

However, 1 yd2 = 8.9999 ft2 seems to be not quite correct :) That's why "some experimenting" may be in order.

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