Original date:2018-08-01 13:21:55 Edited by: petelomax Subject: Re: OpenEuphoria and WebASM

I have to conclude it is all just complete and utter drivel!

I was around when Michael Jackson changed "bad" to mean "good", but I must have missed the part when "fast" and "slow" traded places. Is it just me, or does "near-native performance" have anything to do with how long it would take a long-lost tribe from the Amazon jungle to solve Fermats last theorem?

Maybe if someone could complete 7guis in WebASM and further they would load in less (by which I mean the version of that word as printed in my 1970s Oxford English Dictionary!) than 20 minutes, I might take a look, ideally just at the output binaries, rather than source+that_whole_damn_toolchain. Or just anything between the ridiculously over complicated examples of Video Effects/Zen Garden/Tank Battle and the other extreme, a blank page with a console.log(3).

For now, though, I still think Compilation to Javascript has more promise.


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