Original date:2018-06-12 20:43:56 Edited by: ghaberek Subject: Re: Weird Error Using Euphoria Database System (EDS)

petelomax said...

However the docs (both OE and Phix) go on to say:

If you request DB_LOCK_SHARED on WINDOWS it will be treated as if you had asked for DB_LOCK_EXCLUSIVE. 

yet I cannot see anything to support that claim in the source code of db_open(), and this case, on Windows, it has patently not worked the same as DB_LOCK_EXCLUSIVE.

Are we all in agreement that last sentence should just be deleted?

It's around line 1291 in std/eds.e.

ifdef WINDOWS then 
    if lock_method = DB_LOCK_SHARED then 
        lock_method = DB_LOCK_EXCLUSIVE 
    end if 
end ifdef 


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