Original date:2018-05-01 10:12:34 Edited by: ghaberek Subject: Re: Is this forum prepared for the GDPR?

euphoric said...

Personally, I advocate doing nothing about it. There's no way I'm going to bow down to this kind of absurd operations, especially from a collection of old dumbasses who-- like you said-- know nothing about how the Internet works.

Perhaps you'll feel differently when they come after you for 20 million euros, and start seizing your bank accounts and so on.

I know what the other poster said about OpenEuphoria not being a likely target beyond a letter. I think that there is a difference between these three situations:

    1. We make a good-faith effort to comply and we make a small mistake. A letter is sent to us telling us what to do to correct the mistake and we comply.
    1. We don't know anything about the GDPR until someone complains and we're investigated. As soon as we learn about it we scramble to comply.
    1. We know about the GDPR in advance but decide to actively and openly flaunt the law.
euphoric said...

When such time as a request for whatever is made, we can approach it then.

Sure, build the stuff you want to build, but don't make it active.

Another poster said even with a year's notice that is not enough time. We should start now so we're ready when the request comes in.

euphoric said...

There's no way we should support this.

This feels like saying, 'I do not believe in taxation. I will just ignore the IRS. See if they can stop me.'

Come on, really?

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