Original date:2018-04-16 12:34:47 Edited by: petelomax Subject: Re: Very First Language to Learn: Phix or Euphoria?

jmduro said...

elsifdef is not recognized by Phix

Minor correction: it is EU4_0 which is not recognised, it will be in the next release.

FYI, and no promises, this

ifdef PHIX then  
--elsifdef EU4_0 then -- nope! 
--  ?"EU4_0" 
elsifdef EU4_1 then  
elsifdef EU4_0 then  
end ifdef  

actually works, because after "elsifdef EU4_1" it gets into "wipe this branch" mode and happily skips the EU4_0.
Whether that peculiar feature will prove any (temporary) help I cannot say.

If you want to fix 0.7.9 yourself, there is a

                   or ttidx=T_EU4_1 

in ptok.e line 2539 which wants to become

                   or ttidx=T_EU4_0 
                   or ttidx=T_EU4_1 

and a missing

global constant T_EU4_0         = 5248  tt_stringF("EU4_0",T_EU4_0) 

in pttree.e line 1228 (just after T_shrd).

Then just run p -cp and you should be good to go.


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