Original date:2018-04-03 13:04:29 Edited by: jimcbrown Subject: Re: Important question?

katsmeow said...

It's pretty predictable that when i say i do not wish to identify the language, jimcbrowne will be the next poster,

Actually, I wasn't. Both Irv and begin beat me to it.

katsmeow said...

and he will id it as a "scripting language".

Like bash shell script.

Actually, I only added the script bit to avoid confusion with mIRC itself, the IRC client (which ghaberek may not know).

katsmeow said...

It still has many valuable features OE lacks,

Yes, and you id'd the reason for that!

katsmeow said...

plus it's still in active development with paid developer(s).

OE/Phix also have some important features that mIRC's ... uhm, language, also lacks. *shrug*

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